Photo Retouching or Restoration as it is sometimes known,
is the process of repairing & improving your photos using
advanced image editing software, a steady hand and lots of patience and time.

The work is carried out in-house at our shop in Armagh, so a good job is assured, and turn-around time is fast compared to other shops offering similar
services.  We have over 10 years
of experience repairing damaged and old photos and in many cases achieving the impossible!

If you have any specific requirements, we are happy to accommodate you and our retouch and print prices are
inclusive so the quoted price is the price you pay.

Your original photo is not damaged in any way, as all work is carried out digitally.  This means we scan your photo into our computer workstation and that
the work is performed on the computer.  When the work is complete, we print a new
improved version of your photo - we can even
resize the finished photo to a different size to suit your needs

Click here to view examples of our work